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Commercial Services

GSB Designs originally started out in the commercial space working with large companies in New York City and Washington D.C. Areas. Over the years Gail has worked on large commercial build outs and small updates within buildings including cafeterias, private offices, open concept work spaces, and conference rooms.

Gail is cognizant that the current COVID-19 Pandemic has forever dramatically altered your work environment. Our immediate goals of creating safe work environments will now become the design challenges of the future. Many manufacturers are modifying and enhancing their products to meet new health standards. I am constantly attending webinars and ZOOM presentations addressing these issues and keeping up to date on new introductions including many materials with an antimicrobial component to help stop the spread of viruses, paint included! Now more than ever proper space planning and proper finish selection are of utmost importance.

Let Gail help you redesign your commercial space to ensure you and your coworkers stay safe and healthy, along with the added benefit of working in a functional, stylish and green environment!

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LEED Certification is important. Learn more here!

How GSB Designs Can Improve Your Commercial Space!

  • Hallways & Multi-use Spaces

  • Private Offices
  • Open Work Areas
  • Cafeterias and Kitchens

  • Commercial Grade Material Selection

  • New Build Outs

  • LEED Certified Building Expertise

  • Conference Rooms

GSB Designs can help with a wide array of commercial services. Please contact Gail so that she can best assist you!

Our Green Commitment

Implementing sustainable strategies helps our communities and can also positively impact your companies bottom line by saving money. As our world changes, being environmentally conscious is of great importance for companies appealing to green enthusiasts.

In 2001, USGBC [United States Green Building Council] created LEED to measure and define what green building means. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is one of most used green building rating systems in the world! LEED Certification symbolizes a businesses commitment to sustainability and provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings and indoor spaces that are better for the planet and for people.

Learn more about Gail’s green journey HERE!

I’ll take care of the details, because the details make the design!

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